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doing machine learning and data science

Things I love

Artifical Intelligence

I like putting together algorithms to solve real world problems. AI can be a game changer when used in the right circumstances.


I love the flexibility and speed when developing in Python. The ecosystem is overwhelming.

Open Source Software

I love both using and developing open source software. I truely believe that this makes the ecosystem healthier and better when access to critical software is democratized.

About Me

Hi, I'm Tobias Pitters, a physicist turned Data Scientist/Data Engineer from Stuttgart, Germany. I'm currently working as a freelancer, which I genuinely enjoy. I spend most of my time building data pipelines with state of the art tech, and really like to conceptualize and built them.

I also love doing open source development, I committed to fantastic libraries in the Python and Rust ecosystem, such as the amazing dataframe libraries Pandas and Polars .

“Perfect is the enemy of good.“

- Voltaire

“You’re unlikely to discover something new without a lot of practice on old stuff, but further, you should get a heck of a lot of fun out of working out funny relations and interesting things.”

- Richard Feynman

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.“

- Albert Einstein

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Machine Learning


Data Engineering

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